What is the advantage of a large aperture telescope under 500?

Aperture plays an important role in any telescope. This factor is to let you know not only the telescope’s light-gathering ability but also its resolving power. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the aperture when choosing a telescope. It’s best to look for telescopes with a larger aperture.

Keep reading this post, we will let you know why you should choose a large telescope. At the same time, we will also give you a list of top 5 large telescopes you can choose on the market now.

The advantage of Aperture Specification

The aperture shows the power of the telescope you use. The aperture mentions the lens size or the mirror. These components are known as the primary one focusing the light from distant objects.

Well, the size of the aperture determines the image quality. If you plan to see faint celestial targets, a good solution for you is a progressively large aperture. A large aperture can allow you to have a wider viewing.

A telescope with a large aperture will provide you with more light. It allows you to view objects which are further away, fainter, or smaller better.

Top 5 Large Telescopes under 500 Reviews

1. CelestronNexStar Telescope

This telescope is lightweight. Also, it’s easy to use. If you need a budget-friendly telescope for new astronomers, you should consider it. Its classic mirror telescope design can collect light and then reflect a focal point.

This is also a durable telescope made of stainless steel. Moreover, you can set up with ease. Especially, the model comes with SkyAlign as well as a StarPointerfinderscope, so you can get the quick alignment process.

Also, the product features the sky astronomy software. It operates on batteries. However, we recommend you to purchase it with the Celestron power tank since its battery may drain pretty quickly.


  • Can monitor more than 4000celestial objects
  • The good-quality Newtonian reflector of 130mm
  • Offers easy and fast alignment
  • Sturdy steel tripod
  • Comes with the sky astronomy software


  • May cause vibration due to weak mount
  • The battery can easily zap out

2. Orion SkyQuest XT8 Telescope

This telescope promises to give you a large aperture as well as a reflector of 8 inches. Therefore, it can collect good light. Moreover, it also comes with an ultra-stable Dobsonian base for stability.

There are also several accessories such as the Starry Night software, a Sirius Plossl eyepiece of 25mm, a Collimation cap, and the EZ Finder II reflex sight. However, this model is heavy, so it seems to be hard to transport from one place to another.


  • A reflector of 8 inches
  • A larger aperture
  • Many additional features


  • Hard to transport
  • Requires tripod

3. Gskyer AZ90600 Telescope

Another larger telescope you can choose is Gskyer AZ90600. It features good-quality optics. Moreover, there are also three high-magnifying lenses. The telescope also includes one 3x Barlow lens. However, the product doesn’t come with a case to carry when needed.

This telescope is just easy to use for the experienced astronomer, not beginners. Besides, this model doesn’t lock into place. That’s why it may drift slightly from your focus point. And, it may be hard to get them back in alignment.


  • Lenses with high magnification
  • Adjustable tripod
  • Simple to use
  • The large aperture of 90mm and focal length of 600mm


  • Not great for beginners
  • Doesn’t lock into place
  • Doesn’t include a case for transportation

4. Orion SpaceProbe Reflector Telescope

This is a lightweight and portable telescope. It is also equipped with an amount that can be attached to an adjustable tripod. This telescope comes with some great accessories that give you the best view possible.

However, some customers complained about the product’s lack of some pieces. And, it’s not easy to set up since the poor assembly instructions.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Adjustable tripod
  • Sturdy mount
  • Some essential accessories


  • Lack of some pieces
  • The assembly instructions are poor

5. TwinStar 60mm Refractor Telescope

Our last favorite telescope under 500 is the TwinStar. It’s a good option for kids. This telescope is easy to use. Also, it’s portable.

However, the product is not much more powerful compared to a pair of binoculars. The product includes a very short tripod. That’s why it may be moved with a light breeze.


  • Ideal for kids
  • Simple to use
  • Portable


  • Not very powerful
  • Not very sturdy
  • Hard to focus


Now, you’ve understood why you should go for a large aperture telescope. Also, you have had information about the 5 top-rated choices on the market now. They are affordable options. All of them cost less than 500 dollars. Hopefully, our article can help you, and you won’t get overwhelmed while choosing your telescope. Now, it takes to make your own decision to begin your stargazing journey.

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Is will rubbing alcohol damage laminate floor cleaner?

The laminate floor might look like natural the hardwood floors. However, it doesn’t mean that you are able to clean them in the same way. In fact, industrial flooring is a new material with many features, so how to clean them plays an important role in maintaining its durability and longevity.

Recently, a great many of housewives whisper in each other’s ears some tips for handling other stubborn stains on the laminate floor such as with vinegar, green tea, baby’s shampoo,..and typically rubbing alcohol.

As a matter of fact, the heat of alcohol will help you clean the wooden floor faster, removing the most stubborn stains on it. However, rubbing alcohol can also harm your laminate floor in some way if you don’t use it in the proper way.

So, Is will rubbing alcohol damage laminate floor cleaner?. Let’s figure out the answer through the sharings below.

What is rubbing alcohol?

Rubbing alcohol is a solution that is made of 70% isopropyl alcohol or IPA, and the rest is mostly water and other chemicals. Rubbing alcohol with a molecular weight of 60.1g / mol is a colorless, flammable chemical with a strong smell.

Its chemical formula is C3H8O. IPA alcohols are highly volatile, infinitely soluble in water and many organic solvents. IPA is widely used as a solvent and detergent, especially for dissolving oil, because it can dissolve many non-polar compounds, it evaporates quickly and is relatively non-toxic compared to other types of solvents.

Nowadays, rubbing alcohol is mostly applied in housing cleaning, especially, mopping the laminate floor. However, if this detergent is not used in the proper way, it can cause bad effects for your wood floor, which we will discuss more in the following parts.

Common mistakes in cleaning the laminate floors with rubbing alcohol

If you are wondering why your laminate floor is often cleaned but it soon gets old soon, scratches and even bulging or warping, the main reason is that you have not used the properly laminate floor cleaning. Many people, after installing the laminate floor, instinctively clean them, which affects the life of their floors.

Therefore, before you clean, carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions to know how you should clean the laminate floor. One most common mistake is using a stiff brush to scrub.

When you use a stiff brush to scrub the laminate floor, it will easily remove stains attached to the wooden floor surface. However, if you use strong force to rub, again and again, you are gradually shaving off the top protective layer of the laminate floor and cause unsightly scratches.

Or, soaking the wooden floor too long will cause water to seep into the wood and in the long run, can cause the wood boards to swell. Another unintended mistake of cleaning laminate flooring is the use of strong detergents, in particular, rubbing alcohol.

Although it can quickly clean up stains, remove the most difficult stains such as Ink, pen, nail polish and shoe polish, it can completely damage the surface of the laminate floor and makes them fade quickly.

How to use rubbing alcohol to clean laminate floors without damaging them

As we mentioned above, using rubbing alcohol to clean laminate floors in the wrong way can damage the protective glue of the floor. When using alcohol to clean stubborn stains on the floor, you will need a lot of patience.

Because if done only the first time, alcohol will not be able to help you clean hard stains. First, for laminate floors, you should not use too much alcohol and need to dry quickly, if you do not want the quality of wood to be affected.

In particular, use rubbing alcohol for stains like chewing gum, writing ink, crayons, and dyes, grease, cosmetic stains such as lipstick, nail polish, rust from metal objects, etc. You should mix a little alcohol with water, then dip it into the solution with a soft cloth and rub it gently on the stain.

You can follow the step-by-step instruction, as follow:

  • Prepare

– A glass of white water

– 3/4 cup vinegar

– 3/4 cup rubbing alcohol

– 2 or 3 drops of dish soap

– A spray bottle.

  • Mix the floor cleaning solution

– Step 1: You pour water into a spray bottle.

– Step 2: Add vinegar

– Step 3: Pour alcohol into the bottle

– Step 4: Add 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid

– Step 5: Close the lid and shake well

  • How to clean laminate floors with rubbing alcohol

After finishing your spray bottle, wipe the floor with a synthetic fiber towel. Before cleaning, you must clean the dust on the floor by using a broom or vacuum cleaner.

When cleaning laminate floors, just spray on the floor so that there is enough moisture. Alcohol in this handmade cleaning solutions will make the water to evaporate quickly, avoiding condensation on the floor that affects the quality of the wood.

Vinegar helps disinfect and soap to make the floor clean and fragrant.


That’s all about “Is will rubbing alcohol damage laminate floor cleaner?”. These are the best and most effective ways to clean the laminate floor that you need to keep in mind to keep the laminate floor clean and to prevent your floor from warping, or bulging quickly.

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